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This mask is so awesome! It is easy to put on. Just put the mask over entire face (except eyebrows and under eye area). It peeled off in one sheet with little effort. Apply a thicker layer and it took  30-40 minutes to dry completely. It obviously remove peach fuzz as well.  As an added bonus, you really could see the junk on the black mask after you peeled it off. It leaves your skin smooth and blackhead free and the smell is nice and relaxing plus it goes on cool on the skin. Actually this product did work. (Article based on Amazon Customer’s Reviews)

Product Details:-

Ingredients: Water, carbon powder, hyaluronic acid, glycyrrhizic acid, dipotassium, niacinamide,   carbomer,triethanolamine, vitamin E, glycol, phenoxyethanol, essence.

Funcation: Penetration is very stronger,absorb pore blackheads and dirt,convergence pores,effectively improve the rough skin quality,regulating oil secretion,maintain the damaged skin. Cool and refreshing and comfortable,helps to reduce acne and prevent acne,make the skin more luster.

Fit for people: Due in part because skin caused by acne, acne. Oily skin strawberry nose. Nose large pores blackheads. Long-term use of the computer, watching television.

Attention: Product is not suitable for sensitive skin and recommended that customers use the item on the hands or ears then to use on the face.If there is any discomfort, stop using.

Package Included:1 X Blackhead Removal Mask; Net Wet:60g; Shelf life: 3 years.




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